How to Fix an Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up

My Chair Won’t Stay Up!

Have you ever said these things?

My chair won’t stay up!
Why is my chair sinking?
My chair keeps lowering throughout the day!
Can I fix my chair that won’t raise up?

An office chair that won’t stay up is one of the most common problems we get asked about here at Crandall Office Furniture.

Luckily it’s also something you can quickly and easily repair right at your home or office.

Modern office chairs utilize a pneumatic gas cylinder to raise and lower the chair, allowing for people of all sizes to adjust and use their chair properly. While convenient, it’s also a moving part with seals that can go bad over time. Once the seals start to give way, the cylinder has functionally gone bad and will need to be replaced.

Some people and websites recommend quick fixes like using pipe clamps and other options to “fix” your chair. This is not only a temporary solution, but also one that can permanently damage your chair. The best option is to purchase and install a replacement gas cylinder for your chair.

Chair gas cylinders can be model-specific, so make sure you find out what chair you’ve got before you buy and try to install the cylinder. We can help you identify your chair here.

Not sure which cylinder your chair needs? When in doubt, ask one of our chair experts through our contact page or chat feature (bottom right)!

Let Us Help You Find the Right Chair Part

Once you’ve identified your office chair, you can purchase the gas cylinder you need here on our website.

Shop Office Chair Gas Cylinders Here

We’ve also created helpful video tutorials to help you get your gas cylinder installed correctly, which can be seen on our YouTube channel or the Resources page of our website.

We’re glad we could help you save your office chair and keep yet another office chair out of the landfills! Yet another way Crandall Office Furniture is Saving the Planet, One Chair at a Time!