Keeping It Green and Sitting Clean With Crandall Office Furniture

While ergonomically functional and incredibly comfortable furniture is our business, sustainability is one of our top priorities. We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint by repurposing top of the line office chairs. Saving our planet is important to us and we help do that by reducing waste and conserving energy! Here are some ways that we’ve gone green:

  • 1. We are all about recycling. Each chair that comes to us is mechanically sound, so that means giving another life to each chair is easy! It takes 70% less energy to repurpose a chair than it does to make it new. In the end, we still end up reusing 97% of each piece of furniture!
  • 2. Each chair is made to order per the customer’s specifications. That means that by repurposing a mechanically sound chair, you can reduce your carbon footprint and give life to the chair of your dreams. One less chair in a landfill is one step in the right direction!
  • 3. Since 2002, we have saved 110,000 chairs from going to a landfill, conserved 6,382 tons of CO2, and have satisfied numerous customers!

If you are thinking of upgrading your office furniture to something sustainable, comfortable, and ergonomically correct, check out our remanufactured chairs here.