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Steelcase Authorized Factory Returns

Crandall Office Furniture is now proud to be offering Steelcase Authorized Factory Returned Office Chairs on

Like us, Steelcase has a free, no questions asked return policy on their chairs. When a customer returns a chair, these chairs are still in great shape. Through a partnership agreement with Steelcase, Crandall Office Furniture is now able to take these authorized returned chairs, and offer them to our customers at a reduced price.

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Returned Chairs Grading

Understanding Steelcase Authorized Factory Returned Chair Grades

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Steelcase Authorized Factory Return Grades Explained Video:

  1. Madison (verified owner)

    Chair was in great shape! The only imperfections were clearly marked in the photo. The chair arrived within 3 days of placing the order.

    3523 - Steelcase V2 Leap - Grade B3523 – Steelcase V2 Leap – Grade B

  2. Jesse M. (verified owner)

    The chair has been great. Had to call customer service, they were wonderful as well. I plan on purchasing my next chair from Crandall.

    3707 - Steelcase V2 Leap - Grade B3707 – Steelcase V2 Leap – Grade B

  3. Randy (verified owner)

  4. Caleb F. (verified owner)

    Recieved the chair I ordered quickly (with no delay from choosing different casters), and was pleased that the chair was in the condition described and accurately represented by the pictures online.

    2499 - Steelcase Amia - Grade B **CLOSEOUT – NO RETURNS**2499 – Steelcase Amia – Grade B **CLOSEOUT – NO RETURNS**

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Customer service was quick to respond to my questions, and my special shipping request was followed. I’m happy with my chair. Even though it was Grade B, I hardly noticed any blemishes at all.

    2764 - Steelcase Amia - Grade B2764 – Steelcase Amia – Grade B

General Information

How Old are These Chairs?

All chairs sold as an Authorized Factory Returns are less than a year old. Every chair was brand new when it was shipped to the customer, and was returned within Steelcase’s 14 day return window.

Are These Chairs New / What Condition are These Chairs In?

Once received, Steelcase assesses each returned chair in-house and assigns them a grade. We then take possession of these chairs, and go through each chair here as well. Once assessed, we assign each chair a grade of A, B, or C.

Grade A Chairs are certified by Steelcase, Inc. as well as Crandall Office Furniture, Inc. to be in like-new condition both functionally and visually, and carry the name Steelcase Authorized Factory Returns.

Grade B Chairs have been identified as chairs that require minor repairs or chairs with minor wear, scuffs, or stains on the chair frame or fabric by Steelcase. These chairs are evaluated and repaired by Crandall Office Furniture, and listed as Grade B Returns Refurbished by Crandall Office Furniture. All repairs or imperfections will be noted on each product listing for these chairs.

Grade C Chairs are chairs that have noticeable or significant wear on either the chair frame or fabric. These chairs will be cycled into our remanufactured chairs program and sold as Crandall Office Furniture Remanufactured Chairs.

How Much Do I Save?

These chairs will be listed at up to 20% off from new pricing.

Why Were These Chairs Returned?

Steelcase offers their customers a free returns policy within 14 days of purchasing a chair. The customer can return these chairs for any reason they choose. Typically the reason for return was they just didn’t like the chair or no longer wanted it. Any chairs that were returned due to mechanical issues or damage are not part of this program.

Can I Customize These Chairs or Select Different Fabrics?

Unfortunately the chairs in this outlet store are not available for customization at this time. If you wish to customize one of these returned chairs, you can select that you’d like a returned / less than a year old chair as an option on most of Crandall Office Furniture’s remanufactured chairs, and then customize from there.

Can I See Pictures of The Actual Chair I'm Buying?

Yes. We assign every chair a number and will be photographing each chair individually. You will see this number displayed above each chair to be sure it’s the exact chair you will be purchasing.

Are You Steelcase or a Steelcase Dealer?

For the purposes of selling these returned chairs, Crandall Office Furniture has been labeled as an Independent Authorized Value-Added Reseller of Factory Authorized Returned Goods by Steelcase. Beyond that, we are not a Steelcase dealer, nor directly affiliated with Steelcase.

How Often Are New Chairs Added?

We will be adding new chairs as they become available to us. In the future we plan to set a specific day of the week that new chairs will be released.

How Can I Be Notified when New Chairs are Added?

We will be making posts on our Instagram (Crandall Office Instagram Page Link) and Facebook (Crandall Office Furniture Facebook Page Link) pages when new chairs are listed using the #SAFR. Follow us on one of both of these platforms to be notified when we post new chairs for sale.

Shipping / Warranty / Returns

Do These Chairs Ship Fully Assembled?

No, we disassemble the Steelcase Authorized Factory Return chairs and ship them in the same packaging as our remanufactured chairs.

How Fast Will These Chairs Ship?

These chairs should be shipping in 1-2 business days after the order is placed.

Do These Chairs Come With Have a Warranty?

Yes, all Steelcase chairs (including Steelcase Factory Authorized Returns) sold by Crandall Office Furniture carry our 12 Year Warranty, which covers the entire chair and is the same warranty as we’ve held for many years on our remanufactured chairs. This warranty is held by Crandall Office Furniture, not by Steelcase.

What's the Return Policy?

Grade A Steelcase Authorized Factory Returns, and Grade B Returns Refurbished by Crandall Office will carry the same 14 day return policy as Steelcase. Any chairs fully remanufactured by Crandall Office Furniture will still carry our 30 day return policy.

Returned chairs must be in the same condition as received and returned in the original box. (please keep the box until you’re 100% sure you’re keeping the chair).

Chairs with significant visible wear or damage, will incur a 15% restocking fee.