COVID-19 Hospital Masks

With the shortage of face masks with the COVID-19 virus, several local hospitals reached out to us due to our sewing capabilities and asked if we could help sew reusable cotton face masks for hospital workers. We have chosen to devote part of our manufacturing capabilities to making these masks, and will be donating them at no expense to the hospitals.

We are excited to be able to use our unique skill set to help the courageous hospital workers, who are literally putting their lives on the line to make sure each and every one of us are safe. For every chair sold, we will be donating at least 10 reusable face masks to local hospitals.

Just to clarify – we are producing and donating these masks as fast as we can, with a goal of 10+ for every chair sale. We’ve got about half of our work force making masks while the other half continues to produce chairs to support our ability to make and donate these masks. We are not holding anything waiting for sales, we are donating as soon as they are complete! Stay Safe Everyone!!

Face Masks

The Principal Taxi

We had the amazing opportunity to help Principal John Erickson at Hilltop Elementary School (Highline Public Schools) give his “Principal Taxi” a face lift!

John created the Principal Taxi to reward students for good behavior by picking them up in his “taxi” (office chair), and giving them a ride around the school & to the front of lines when they exhibit the school’s primary values – Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Do the Right Thing.

We found John on social media and thought his taxi needed a proper upgrade, so we designed and donated a custom Steelcase Criterion Office chair to help make the Principal Taxi more official! We absolutely love the creativity John brings to educating his students, and wanted to help however we could!