Congratulations, you bought a high quality office chair that with the proper maintenance, will last you many years! One of the many benefits of a high end chair is instead of having to throw it away when something goes wrong, most problems can be quickly fixed with a replacement part and a few minutes of your time.

Many chair parts are specific to individual chair brands and models. We’ve made this guide to help you figure out which chair brand and model you’ve got so you can find the correct replacement parts for your chair.

With the right knowledge, identifying your Steelcase or Herman Miller chair model is easy! Let’s get started!

There are two ways to identify your chair – visually or by using the chair tag.

Method 1 – Visual Method:

The quickest (but less accurate) way is by pictures. We’ve included pictures of many higher end office chairs below, which should help if you recognize your chair. Please note that it can be easy to mis-identify a chair, and that some chair parts will require date identification as well, so the chair tag method (below) is our preferred method.

Method 2 – Chair Tag Method:

Step 1:
Identify the chair tag. (Typically located under the seat of your chair)

*If you can not find your chair tag, or the tag is missing, feel free to send us a picture of your chair through our contact page or chat feature (bottom right), and we should be able to help identify it for you.

Step 2:
Read the model number and manufacturing date.

Steelcase – First 3 numbers in the model number identify the chair model.

Herman Miller – First 2 letters in the model number identify the chair model.

Step 3:
Use the attached charts to identify your chair.


If you can’t find your chair tag, don’t see your chair, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us or chat with us (bottom right of page) and we’ll help you identify your chair!

Steelcase Office Chair Model Number Identification by Chair Tag
Herman Miller Office Chair Model Number Identification by Chair Tag