Customize Your Office Space in a New & Unique Way

Customize Your Space

You spend as much (or more) time in your office as you do your home. Are you tired of staring at the same solid color and pattern fabrics in your office space? it’s time to customize and personalize your office space to fit you.

We are now offering a new way to customize and change your office space. Using our custom fabric, we can custom print any digital image into your office chair, workstation tiles, acoustic sound panels, and much more!

  • Custom to YOUR specs
  • Unique Designs
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Exclusive to Crandall Office

Any Digital Image

Whether it’s your logo, branding, artwork, signage, a picture from your family vacation, or even a picture of your dog, we can print it to customize your work space!

Any high resolution graphics file, photograph, or image!

Not sure what to print? Work with one of our designers to create a one of a kind design!

The possibilities are endless!

  • Branding / Logos
  • Free Design Mockups
  • Personal Pictures on Fabric
  • Work with Our Designers

High Quality that Won’t Fade

We’ve chosen to use Guilford of Maine’s Open House fabric for use in our custom printing for it’s proven durability and track record.

On top of using only the best commercial grade fabrics, we’ve also invested in the latest dye sublimation and heat transfer technology to ensure the very best printing resolution, vibrant colors, and reliability that will never fade, and we have the test results to prove it!

  • Guilford of Maine Open House Fabric
  • 250,000 Double Rubs
  • Passes Crocking & UV Tests
  • Latest Dye Sublimation Equipment

Made in the USA to Order

Crandall Office Furniture has invested heavily into the machinery, processes, and designs used to create our custom fabric. Every print is made to order in our Greenville, Michigan facility, and is never outsourced. Even our fabric is made in the USA. We have done this to keep lead times down, and provide flexibility to allow us to work with you to create YOUR custom design on the fly.

  • Designed & Printed in Michigan (USA)
  • Everything Printed to Order
  • Lowest Lead Times
  • Maximum Design Flexibility

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the ability to print literally any digital image at 300dpi (dots per inch – photo/print resolution). This includes photos, digital artwork, logos, patterns, and anything else you can think of!

Unfortunately we do not (yet) have the licensing in place to print sports or college logos at a retail level. This is an area we hope to expand in the future. The only exception is if you are a college, university, or sports team with written authorization to print and reproduce your own logo for internal use.

Absolutely not! We use the latest dye sublimation technology which will never wear off or fade. We have sent fabric samples out for independent testing, which passed both wear and UV fade testing with flying colors. You can see these test results below.

Download Crandall Office Custom Fabric Testing Results PDF Report

Yes we can! Most smart phones or digital cameras that take pictures of 12 megapixels or more work best, but if there’s any question, feel free to send us your photo and ask!

Yes! Given accurate color data, we can do color matching. It’s worth noting that when trying to match paint color or something that will be side-by-side with our fabric, it can be difficult to match exactly. In those cases, we can print sample swatches of like-colors and have you pick which one looks best to your eye.

Absolutely! We always send out digital design mockups before printing to make sure everything looks and is scaled to size correctly. We’re happy to do this design work with you prior to ordering.

No problem! We have graphic designers on staff that can help you create the perfect custom design. All fully custom chairs come with 1 hour of design time included.

Close Up Pictures

Vivid colors, sharp lines, and beautiful detail shown in close-up.

Custom Fabric Remanufactured Office Chairs & Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Available
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