It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Office

In today’s work from home environments, the home office is more important than ever. A dedicated space to separate work from everyday home life can play a big role in successfully transitioning to working from home, even if it’s only part-time. A good quality desk and ergonomic chair are the bare minimum in setting up a productive work environment that will promote comfort, ergonomics, and productivity.

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Home Office with Dog

Transitioning to Working From Home

Regardless of the circumstances, if you’re used to physically going into an office each day, the transition to working from home can be a big one. Below are a few tips that may help you in that transition.

1. Try to recreate your normal workspace as much as possible.
2. Don’t forget about your surroundings.
3. Maintain your routines.
4. Get moving!
5. Don’t forget about ergonomics or furniture.

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