Herman Miller Aeron Sizes A, B, & C – What You Should Know


Aeron Chair Sizes

What’s the difference between an A, B, and C size Aeron?
Aeron Size A vs. B vs. C, what’s the difference?

What size Herman Miller Aeron should I buy?
How do I tell which size my Herman Miller Aeron chair is?

We hope we can help you answer these questions, and more below!

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is one of the top selling office chairs of all time, and continues it’s popularity even 20 years after it was introduced in 1994. Utilizing it’s highly recognizable ‘pellicle’ mesh, the Aeron has stood out from the crowd and started a trend in mesh back chairs that continues on to this day.

Beyond it’s distinctive design, the Aeron chair has an environmental story that includes using recycled parts and materials, and claims 94% of the chair is recyclable at the end of it’s life (which can be 20+ years if properly maintained), which makes it fit in quite well here at Crandall Office Furniture.

What Size Aeron Do You Need?

The Herman Miller Aeron chair comes in 3 different sizes. Size A, size B, and size C. Size A is the smallest of the bunch, size B is the standard size chair, and the size C is the plus size model. Which size is right for you?

A more detailed chart is provided to figure out what size Aeron is right for you. (image credit Herman Miller)

Weight Limits:

Size A – 300lbs
Size B – 350lbs
Size C – 350lbs

Width between Arms:
Size A ~17″
Size B ~18.5″
Size C ~20.5″

While this is nothing definitive, it should be a good place to start. As always, here at Crandall Office Furniture, we recommend you sit in a chair before you know what model and size are right for you. Chairs are a very individual thing and different people prefer different chairs and features to others.

Identify the Size of Your Aeron Chair

It’s very easy to identify what size Herman Miller Aeron chair you have. Under the top edge of the back frame on the chair (pictured), directly opposite of the Herman Miller Logo, you should feel either 1, 2, or 3 raised dots similar to braille (pictured) that indicate the size of the chair you’ve got. If your chair does not have any dots, or you can’t find them, feel free to reach out to one of our chair experts for help.

1 dot = A Size Aeron
2 dots = B Size Aeron
3 dots = C Size Aeron

We hope this information is helpful for you. As always, you can purchase your very own Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair with a 12 year full chair warranty, here.

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If you are looking for parts to maintain your current Aeron chair, we’ve got the following parts available for purchase:

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Aeron Size/Fit Reference Chart
Image Credit/Copyright Herman Miller

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size Identification

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size Identification 2

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