Improving Your Posture At Work With These Simple Tips

correct posture

Having good posture at work is incredibly important to your physical wellbeing and workplace morale. Not only does it decrease neck and back pain throughout the day, but it also increases productivity! When you have the proper ergonomic support (and aren’t in pain), you become a more efficient and productive person. Here are some simple tips to improve your posture at the office.


chair and desk

  1. Always keep your computer monitor at eye level. Most offices don’t offer adjustable desks, so finding a comfortable adjustable chair will help you keep your computer screen at the correct height to minimize slouching and neck pain.
  2. When sitting at your desk, keep your feet flat on the ground. It’s important to make sure you don’t cross your legs or feet so you can give your back the support it needs to sit straight in your chair. If it gets to be uncomfortable, use a footrest of some sort to prop your feet up while still keeping them flat.
  3. Don’t sit too close or too far away from your desk. Sitting too close will cause bending of the neck and slouching, and sitting too far away will cause strain on your spine. Always keep everything within arm’s reach for optimal comfort!
  4. Invest in an ergonomic chair with really good lumbar support. Having a supportive chair will cause less strain on your spine and back, which will minimize aches and pains throughout the day. Finding a great chair with back support will make you more comfortable, more productive, and more efficient in the workplace.

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