Ergonomic Office Chairs: The Key To Productivity?

Crandall Office Furniture Remanufactured Steelcase 465 V2 Leap Chair - Orange 3D Mesh

Until now office furniture including seating has been looked at as an expense.  Armed with the current productivity studies we can now say that office furniture is an investment in worker productivity.  Research studies as far back as the 1990’s have determined that a quality ergonomic office chair with training for it’s proper use increases productivity by 17.5% while also increasing overall happiness and wellbeing.  Assuming the annual cost of a worker is $50,000.00 the increased productivity provided by a proper ergonomic chair is $8,750.00 per year.  If you include the possible negative effects of a poor or not fully adjustable chair the numbers only go up.  An office worker interacts with their chair more than any other piece of office furniture by far.  A strong case can be made that the office chair should be the most important piece of office furniture in the building. 

A new $850 New Leap chair will return 10 times it’s cost in increased productivity in the first year. Our $359 Remanufactured V1 Leap Chair, and $429 Remanufactured V2 Leap Chair will return 20+ times your investment.  Our chairs come with a 4 year, no questions ask warranty.  Each chair has been completely reconditioned to as-new condition.  Further, remanufactured seating could contribute to your LEAD initiative.  We are proud to be a solid environmental partner with those who recognize the importance of reusing a great asset in a profound and cost-effective way.  Armed with this information the time and money spent on the selection and purchase of a quality office chair with training is arguably one of the best investments a company can make.  Think if you had a stock tip that would almost certainly return 20 times your investment in the first year.  What would you do?