One Less Chair in our Landfills

Every chair we remanufacture is one less chair in our landfills.

At Crandall Office Furniture we are dedicated to doing our part to help maintain our environment.

By working with tier-1 products that were built to last, giving a second or even third life to an office chair is easy. Most chairs that come into our facility are between 5-15 years old. While typically in bad shape cosmetically, they are usually mechanically in good shape. Once put through our remanufacturing process, every chair that goes through our facility can be put back into service at like-new quality. We believe in the quality so much that we stand behind every chair we remanufacture with a 12 year warranty.

So Far We Have Saved…

Since opening our doors in 2002, according to EPA calculations, Crandall Office Furniture has conserved the CO2 equivalent of the following: