Remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V2 Office Chair

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About the Steelcase V2 Leap Chair

The Steelcase 462 Leap V2 office chair has been the Steelcase flagship chair since being updated from the V1 version in 2007, and is still being made new today. Featuring all current ergonomic adjustments and over-the-top build quality, the Steelcase 462 Leap V2 chair has proven itself as a time tested workhorse, and is still considered by many (us included) to be one of the best built office chairs ever made.

V2 Leap – Other Variations Available:

Shop Steelcase Authorized Factory Returns

V2 Leap Chair Functions & Adjustments

One of the reasons we think the Steelcase Leap chair is one of the best and most comfortable office chairs ever made is because of how adjustable it is. Spending the time to properly adjust your Leap chair will not only make your chair more comfortable for you, it will also help prevent injuries from sitting without the proper ergonomic support.

How to Adjust Your Leap Chair Video:

Crandall Office Steelcase V2 Leap Adjustment Guide

V2 Leap Chair Dimensions

Crandall Office Steelcase V2 Leap Dimensions and Measurements

Crandall's V2 Leap Remanufacturing Process

Crandall Office Furniture has been the industry leader in remanufacturing office chairs since 2002. Every chair we sell is completely torn down and remanufactured from the ground up in Greenville, Michigan.

We do our absolute best to make sure every chair is as close to new as possible. The only place you may see some variation is in the plastic surfaces – we have no way to resurfacing plastic, so some minor scrapes and dings on plastic pieces are to be expected – we remove anything that has large damage from inventory and use them as parts chairs

We go through all of the working components of every chair, then put it back together with new casters, new gas cylinder, new arm pads, new foam seat pad, new fabric (always removing the old fabric, chair back pads are sterilized with high temperature steam), and we stand behind each of our V2 Leap chairs with a 12 year warranty.

Be careful of terms like “used,” “refurbished,” or “open box” without doing your research – we’ve outlined our process in detail to make sure you know what to expect. We always encourage our buyers to look into the product they are purchasing, and more importantly, the company they are choosing to do business with. Ratings, reviews, and questions are your friend!

Crandall Office Furniture Remanufactured V2 Leap Process Icons

Crandall Office Furniture Office Chair Remanufacturing Process Infographic
Click to Enlarge

Our Remanufacturing Process Explainer Video:

Chair Options Explained

Chair Frame Colors:

The frame color on the Steelcase V2 Leap chair is used to describe the color of the primary plastic components on the chair (the base, back frame, back plastic, etc…) The Steelcase V2 Leap Chair comes in 4 Unique Frame Colors:

Steelcase V2 Leap Frame Colors Side by Side

Crandall Office New Thicker Steelcase Leap Chair Foam Seat Pad

Crandall Office New Steelcase Leap Seat Gif 03

New Seat Pad:

We’re excited to announce that we are now offering a brand new seat pad on all of our Steelcase Leap Chairs.

Our new seat pad is made of high density molded foam, identical to the Steelcase OEM seat pads (including the contoured shape of the original), except we’ve chosen to add an additional 3/4″ of thickness to our new seat cushion for additional comfort. On top of that, our new seat pad is made right here in the U.S.A.!

The result is a brand new, thicker seat on every Steelcase Leap chair we sell!

  • Brand New Virgin Foam Seat Pad (Never Sat In)
  • +3/4″ of Additional Thickness
  • High Density Molded Foam
  • Contoured Shape
  • Increased Comfort
  • Made in the USA

Leap Adjustable Lumbar:

The Steelcase Leap comes with an optional additional lumbar support, which is a plastic pad that slides between the chair frame and the padded back to provide additional lumbar support that can be adjusted up and down. We include this in our base price on our Leap chairs, as it’s a simple part to remove or re-install if you don’t want it. The video below outlines the removal / re-installation of this lumbar pad:

Steelcase V2 Leap Lumbar

Leap Caster / Wheel Options:

Crandall Office Furniture Remanufactured Chair Caster Options

65mm Carpet casters are best for low-pile or dense carpeted floors. For medium, or longer residential carpets, we recommend 75mm Oversized Carpet Casters to help prevent the bottom of the gas cylinder from dragging on the floor.

Hard floor casters have a soft coating on them, helping them roll smoother and quieter on hard surfaces. This coating also helps protect the flooring from damage. Hard floor casters can also be used on carpeted floors.

We recommend hard floor casters for the following floors:

  • Wood / Hardwood Floors
  • Concrete / Epoxy
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Chair Floor Mats

Oversized (75mm) casters are larger and offer a smoother rolling experience, and also raise the chair up about ~1/2″.

Roller Blade casters offer the smoothest and quietest rolling experience of all, and work great on both carpet or hard floors. Their soft surface also helps protect floors the same as the standard twin-wheel hard floor casters.

Leap Gas Cylinder / Stool Kit Options:

Every Crandall Office Remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap comes standard with a heavy duty gas cylinder rated at 400lbs.

If you need a taller seat height on your chair, we also offer a extended height (stool height) cylinder. Our stool kit includes the same extended height stool cylinder, but also includes a foot ring to rest your feet on when sitting higher up in the air.

Crandall Office Furniture Remanufactured Chair Gas Cylinder Options

Leap Upholstery / Fabrics / Vinyl Options

Standard Fabric – Guilford of Maine Open House

  • Guilford of Maine’s Open House Line of Fabric
  • Rated at 250,000 Double Rubs (15,000+ is considered heavy duty commercial grade)
  • Content: 100% Recycled Polyester
    • 65% Pre-Consumer Recycled
    • 35% Post-Consumer Recycled
  • 12 Color Choices Always in Stock

Cleaning Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents. Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup. May also be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and quaternary ammonium (quat) based cleaners.

Crandall Office Furniture Standard Fabric Colors - Guildford of Maine Open House Fabric
Click to Enlarge

3D Mesh Fabric (Exclusive to Crandall Office)

Made utilizing a unique knitting process that produces a dimensional form fitting fabric which improves ergonomics, comfort, and the design of the chair. Our new 3D Mesh fabric is exceptionally durable (rated at 120,000 double rubs), supremely soft, significantly more breathable, and offers a very unique look to your chair!

  • Softer & More Breathable Than Standard Fabrics
  • Rated at 150,000 Double Rubs (15,000+ is considered heavy duty commercial grade)
  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • 5 Color Choices Always in Stock
  • Made in the USA

Cleaning Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents. Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup.

Crandall Office 3D Mesh Fabric Colors
Click to Enlarge

Vinyl Upholstery Options

Standard Vinyl:
If you like the look and feel of leather, but you don’t like the cost, vinyl is a great choice! We’ve been working with our standard vinyl for over 15 years, and absolutely love it’s soft feel and durability.

  • Rated at 100,000 Double Rubs (15,000+ is considered heavy duty commercial grade)
  • Face Content: 100% Vinyl
  • Backing Content: 100% Polyester
  • Antibacterial / Antimicrobial Coating
  • 7 Color Choices Always in Stock

Cleaning Instructions: Clean with a mild soap & water mixture, then rinse with clean water. Allow to air dry. For stubborn spots or stains, spray with either Formula 409® or Tannery Car Care Cleaner®, wiping with a soft cloth, and then rinse with clean water.

Bleach Cleanable Vinyl:
Long used in healthcare applications, our bleach cleanable vinyl has a similar look and feel as our standard vinyl, but is safe to be cleaned and disinfected with a bleach solution.

  • Rated at 100,000 Double Rubs (15,000+ is considered heavy duty commercial grade)
  • Face Content: 100% Vinyl
  • Backing Content: 100% Polyester
  • Antibacterial / Antimicrobial Coating
  • Ink / Denim Dye Cleanable
  • Bleach Cleanable
  • 6 Color Choices Always in Stock

Cleaning Instructions: Clean with a mild soap & water mixture, then rinse with clean water. For stubborn spots or stains, spray with either Formula 409®, wiping with a soft cloth, and then rinse with clean water. Allow to air dry.

Disinfecting Guide: Dilute bleach with water at a 9:1 ratio (9 parts water, 1 part bleach), and apply to vinyl. Rinse with clean water several times, and allow to air dry.

Crandall Office Furniture Standard Vinyl Colors
Click to Enlarge
Crandall Office Furniture Bleach Cleanable Vinyl Options
Click to Enlarge

V2 Leap Shipping / Chair Assembly


Crandall Office Furniture’s shipping hours are Monday – Thursday 8am-3pm EST.

All products ship via UPS Ground from our Greenville, Michigan facility. Transit times will vary depending on ship-to location. You will receive tracking information via email when your order has shipped.

Remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap Assembly Instructional Video:

Chair Assembly:

All of our Crandall Office Furniture Remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap chairs ship partially dissembled. We provide printed assembly instructions with every chair and have a re-assembly video you can watch here.

Steelcase V2 Leap Assembly Instructions Document:

Steelcase V2 Leap Chair Assembly Instructions - Pg1Steelcase V2 Leap Chair Assembly Instructions - Pg2

V2 Leap Warranty / Return Policy

Remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap 12 Year Warranty:

Crandall Office - 12 Year Warranty Seal

All of our remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap chairs are covered by our industry-leading 12 year warranty under normal usage. All working components are warranted for 12 years against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.

In the event of a failure, Crandall Office Furniture will send replacement parts with installation instructions – installation labor costs, or tools needed are not covered. In the event of a failure beyond repair, a replacement chair will be sent. This warranty is good up to the stated manufacturer’s weight limits / capacity, which is 400lbs for the Steelcase V2 Leap Chair.

Warranty is null and void if the product is subject to negligence, abuse, misuse, or modification. Warranty only applies to the product; Crandall Office Furniture is not responsible in any way for loss, inconvenience, or any other special damages caused by any defect.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us via chat (bottom right hand corner of your screen), or click here to contact us.

Remanufactured Steelcase V2 Leap Return Policy:

Crandall Office - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Returns Seal

We are confident you will love your chair, but if for any reason you don’t, contact us for a no-hassle free return within 30 days of receiving your chair. We’ll send you a return shipping label and refund your entire purchase price once the chair has been received and inspected.

Returned chairs must be in the same condition as received and returned in the original box. (please keep the box until you’re 100% sure you’re keeping the chair).

Custom fabric chairs, or chairs with significant visible wear or damage, will incur a 15% restocking fee.

Leap Disassembly & Return Instructions:




Steelcase 462 Leap V2

Product Type

Remanufactured Chairs

304 reviews for Remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V2 Office Chair

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far so good with a great price

  2. Peter S. (verified owner)

    My back has thanked me every day for my purchase. I have had issues for most days over the last year, and I’m thankful for relief. The refurbished chair is super comfortable and the adjustment options are super easy to use. Plus the assembly was made really easy by the included videos.

  3. Edward (verified owner)

    Communications, speed of delivery, quality of the chair, and follow-up were all outstanding.

  4. John E. (verified owner)

    Great chair. Comfortable – I have a bad back – looks brand new and CLEAN! Hard to believe it’s refurbished!

  5. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Chair was in great condition, great price compared to new

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The chair is fantastic. I had to make a few changes to an initial order and Kim was incredibly helpful & understanding through it all. I’ve been recommending Crandall to colleagues and friends now and all my interactions with the company give me the utmost confidence that any customer can expect a high quality experience and excellent products.

  7. Aaron (verified owner)

    Let me begin by saying that I love everything about the idea of this product. I love the concept of remanufacturing these chairs and reselling them. The chair arrived in great packaging and was undamaged. I can tell that considerable thought went into the packaging so that the chair arrived undamaged. Assembly was a breeze after scanning the QR code and watching the assembly video. The chair was assembled in about 10 minutes. I was excited to give the chair a test drive at home since I sit in this same chair at work, albeit an OEM Steelcase chair, and have for 10 years. This is why I think I’m ruined. I wanted to love this chair. I really did. I love using these chairs at work. They are so quiet, comfortable, incredibly durable, and ergonomically friendly. When I began using the chair I was hypersensitive to the differences between the remanufactured chair and the OEM Steelcase chair that I use at work. Since I’m familiar with how to adjust the chair, I adjusted it the same as I do at work. When I was adjusting it, I moved the arms and noticed that the armrest pads were warped and my arms kept slipping off. The OEM chair is less slippery and the material used keeps my arms in place. The movement of the arm rest was also loose and didn’t move along with my body like the OEM chair does. When I reclined, the spring mechanism made clicking noises and wouldn’t “follow” my body movement when I returned to an upright position. I tried different settings but the clicking wouldn’t subside. Lastly, When I set the seat depth for my body size the seat pan would click every time I moved. After using this chair for a month, it’s still comfortable and I can sit in it all day, but I don’t find it to be on par with the cost. This chair still beats any of the $200.00 big box store office chairs and if this chair was at that price point, then I would be very happy with it. I think that users of OEM Steelcase Leap V2 chairs will only be happy with OEM. Anyone that hasn’t tried the OEM chair will love the remanufactured chair. That being said, I respect your product and business model but I feel that I’ll only be happy with an OEM chair. I’ll be returning the chair and purchasing an OEM model.

  8. Tyler (verified owner)

    This was delivered in 4 days from the start of my order, it had very easy assembly and is a high quality chair. Very pleased with my purchase.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was hoping for—the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever had—and the warranty means I know it’ll stay that way for a long time

  10. S M. (verified owner)

    Just like the one at the office!

  11. KEVIN HIGHFILL (verified owner)

    Crandall Office Furniture met my expectations.

    The Leap v2 I received was in pretty great condition. The upholstery and cushion were as new and flawless. The chair’s function is smooth and silent. There were a few small signs of use on the plastic parts in places you would expect to find them on a previously used chair. However, they were minimal and acceptable. Pretty much what I expected.

    The packaging was thoughtfully executed and my chair was delivered the same week I ordered it.

    Customer service is present. I had no issues or reason to contact Crandall, but I did have communication with David on a couple social media platforms within communities based around office furniture. Further, I received follow up communication after my purchase making sure I was happy and aware of the warranty should I even need it.

    Ultimately, I am happy with the product I received and the money I saved.

    I would recommend Crandall to friends and family.

  12. Louise W. (verified owner)

    Exactly as expected – great quality and easy to put together.

  13. Brianna B. (verified owner)

    Best chair I’ve ever sat in/used, and customer service was second to none- this company goes above and beyond in all areas and I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase! Thanks so much to the wonderful team at Crandall!

  14. Christian J. (verified owner)

    The chair was easy to put together and had no visible flaws. The comfort was not what I was expecting but still very high quality and supportive.

  15. Steven McGahan (verified owner)

    Huge discount on new, super quick shipping, great quality product. So much better than my last chair (SecretLabs). I can now sit at my desk for an entire work day without back pain.

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