Steelcase Leap Plus vs. V2 Leap vs. Aeron Size C – Plus Size Office Chair Comparison

The Steelcase Leap Plus Office Chair is the plus size version of the #1 best selling Steelcase V2 Leap Chair. The Leap Plus offers all the same ergonomic features and benefits of the standard V2 Leap, but with additional width and weight capacity to support users up to 500lbs.

Today we’ll be taking a look at this plus size ergonomic office chair, and comparing it to a few similar chairs – the Steelcase V2 Leap chair (standard size), as well as the Herman Miller Aeron Size C chairs.

Steelcase Leap Plus vs. Standard V2 Leap

The Leap Plus is a very similar chair to the standard V2 Leap chair, which is not to surprising, as they share the same name. All of the primary ergonomic features that the Leap chair is known for can be found on both the Leap Plus as well as the standard V2 Leap chair.

Both Have:

  • 4D Adjustable Arms (Optional)
  • Sliding Lumbar Pad (Optional)
  • LiveBack Technology
  • Lower Back Firmness Adjustment
  • Upper Back Force / Lean Back Tension
  • Variable Stop Tilt Lock
  • Height Adjustable Seat
  • Depth Adjustable Seat

The primarily differences between the Leap Plus and standard V2 Leap is the width of the seat and the weight capacity. The Leap Plus measures 24.5″ between the arms, while the V2 Leap measures 20″ between the arms. That 4.5″ difference may not seem like a lot, but in chair width, that’s a very significant jump in width!

Measurement Between Arms (fully out):

  • Steelcase Leap Plus: 24.5″
  • Steelcase V2 Leap Standard: 20″

Measurement Between Arm Assembly (measured at narrowest point – between screws):

  • Steelcase Leap Plus: 24.25″
  • Steelcase V2 Leap Standard: 19-3/8″

Leap Plus vs. V2 Leap Comparison Pictures:

Leap Plus vs. Herman Miller Aeron Size C:

The Herman Miller Aeron chair has been the flagship chair for Herman Miller for many years (similar to the Leap for Steelcase), and comes in 3 sizes – A, B, and C. The Size C is the largest of these three sizes and is marketed towards larger and plus size individuals.

When looking at the Leap Plus and the Aeron Size C side by side, the difference is immediately apparent – the Leap Plus is a significantly larger chair than the C Size Aeron. Despite being marketed towards plus size individuals, the the Size C Aeron has a weight capacity of only 350lbs, which is even lower than the standard V2 Leap Chair (400lbs), and way lower than the Leap Plus’ 500lb rating.

Secondly it’s plain to see the width difference between the two chairs. The Leap Plus’ 24.5″ between the arms provides significantly more width than the Size C’s 20″, with similar max seat width measurements of 19.5″ and 24.25″ respectively.

Measurement Between Arms (fully out):

  • Steelcase Leap Plus: 24.5″
  • Herman Miller Aeron Size C: 20″

Max Seat Width (measured at narrowest point – between screws on Leap Plus & from edges of seat mesh on Aeron):

  • Steelcase Leap Plus: 24.25″
  • Steelcase V2 Leap Standard: 19.5″

Leap Plus vs. Herman Miller Size C Comparison Pictures:


Steelcase Leap Plus vs Steelcase V2 Leap Standard vs Herman Miller Aeron Size CI am 5’8″ ~220lbs, and I had the opportunity to sit in these chairs side by side (which you can see in the YouTube Video Comparison here), and the Leap is far and away the largest of these three chairs. I simply can not stress enough how big of a chair this is. We see a lot of chairs here, and every time someone sees this chair in person the first thing out of their mouth is “Wow, that’s a big chair!”

When comparing these three chairs, it’s immediately clear just how much larger and wider the Steelcase Leap chair is than either the standard V2 Leap or the Herman Miller Aeron Size C Chair – it simply dwarfs both chairs and is truly a great plus sized chair!

What we found interesting was see how the Size C Aeron was actually much closer in size to the standard size Steelcase V2 Leap chair. Steelcase made it widely known that the Leap chair was made to fit people of most shapes and sizes, and was made slightly wider than most average sized chairs to accommodate this. What was surprising is that the V2 Leap is slightly wider in the seat, and carries a 50lb weight capacity advantage vs the Aeron Size C, which is marketed as a plus size chair.

With that said, for anyone up to the 350-400lb range, we’d highly recommend looking first at the standard V2 Leap or Aeron Size C chairs. We would only recommend the Leap Plus to those folks needing that additional width and weight capacity, as it may be overkill for a lot of people.

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