How to Remove & Re-Install the Seat & Back Pads on Your Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap Seat & Back Pad Removal & Re-Installation Video:

Whether you’re looking to have your chair reupholstered, looking to adjust the set screw, or any other reason, the following instructions (also outlined in our YouTube video, which is embeded above) will show you how to quickly and easily remove and replace the pads on your Steelcase V1 or V2 Leap Chair.

Besides just a few small differences (which will be noted), these steps are the same whether you have a Version 1 (V1) or Version 2 (V2) Leap Chair.

How to Remove the Back Pad on your Leap Chair:

  1. Remove the two screws, located under the support bar on the back of the chair (V1 Leap Only).
  2. Pull upwards on back pad of your chair to lift the chair off the plastic retaining hooks.
  3. Remove elastic band / channel that attaches pad to back frame. You’ll want to apply downward pressure to remove this from the channel.

How to Re-Install the Back Pad on your Leap Chair:

  1. Slide the back pad onto retaining clips on the back frame by sliding the back pad downwards onto the back. Make sure all clips are engaged.
  2. Snap the elastic band / plastic channel into place on the under side of the back frame. Note: This step can be a bit tricky, and we recommend watching the video to get a better view on how this is done.
  3. Re-install the two screws on back you removed earlier (V1 Leap Only).

How to Remove the Seat Pad on your Leap Chair:

Tools Required: Long handled flat-head screwdriver or other long flat object.

  1. Turn the chair around / get behind the chair
  2. Locate the stop button, which is located under the seat, on the left side from behind. You’ll be able to spot it by looking under the seat and using a flashlight.
  3. Depress white stop button you identified in step 2, using long handled flat-head screwdriver.
  4. Spin the chair back around.
  5. Press seat depth lever & pull seat to remove.

How to Re-Install the Seat Pad on your Leap Chair:

  1. Ensure the plastic seat glides are snapped properly in place.
  2. Line up the seat rails with the glides, and slide the seat into place. Note: If you knock the guides off, re-install them and try again.
  3. You will feel the seat hit a stop point. When you do, pull the seat depth lever and finish sliding the seat into place.


The seat and back pads on the Leap chair are relatively easy to remove and install, and we hope you found this article and video helpful in achieving that task. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page, chat, or on our Facebook page.

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