How to Install or Replace the Cylinder Sleeve in your Steelcase V1 or V2 Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap V1 & V2 Cylinder Sleeve Installation or Replacement Video:

A cylinder sleeve is not a part that is necessary for your chair to function as intended. However, if you find your cylinder is sitting lower than you’d like or if you just wanted the extra height, then a cylinder sleeve is the perfect solution. Below we have two different methods of installation for your cylinder sleeve, while they are both correct, it’s important to take the steps that best apply to your chair’s condition.

First Method

This method is good for a quick install and works best on new or lightly used chairs.

Removing the Base of your V1 or V2 Leap Chair:

  1. Gently lay the chair on it’s back.
  2. Remove the casters. They should pull out with a good tug. If you are having trouble, you can use a pry bar to help remove these.
  3. While protecting the base with a towel or rag, strike the base to release it from the cylinder. This may take some force if the chair has been in use for an extended time.

If you are having trouble removing the base from the cylinder this way, check out method two below, which will help get the cylinder removed a different way.

Installing the Cylinder Sleeve.

  1. Slip the cylinder sleeve over the now exposed gas cylinder, keeping the conjoined end facing downwards.
  2. It should rest snuggly against the tapering on the cylinder.

Base Reassembly

  1. Place the base back on the cylinder, making sure the sleeve hasn’t slid away from the cylinder’s tapering.
  2. Snap the casters back into the base.
  3. Lift the chair back to its wheels and take a seat to set all of the pieces firmly in place.

Second Method

This method is useful if you don’t wish to strike the base of your chair directly or if the base and cylinder won’t easily separate.

Removing the Base of your V1 or V2 Leap Chair

  1. Gently lay the chair on its back.
  2. Remove the gold pin with a flathead driver at the base of the cylinder. This will allow for the separation of the standpipe from the rest of the cylinder.
  3. Carefully pull the base and standpipe away from the cylinder.
  4. The interiors of the cylinder may be greasy, so its good practice to lay a towel down just in case.

Separating the Standpipe Cylinder from the Base

  1. Using a towel or rag for protection, strike the underside of the standpipe with a mallet to release it from the base. This may take some force, as chair use causes these parts to become quite tight.

Installing the Cylinder Sleeve.

  1. Locate the tapered end of the standpipe and slide the sleeve on, making sure that the conjoined end is pointed towards the ground.
  2. The sleeve should fit snuggly against the taper.

Reassembling the Cylinder and Base

  1. Carefully place the standpipe and sleeve back onto the cylinder spindle the way it came off.
  2. Reinstall the gold pin to hold all of the cylinder components together.
  3. Place the base back onto the cylinder, making sure that the cylinder sleeve is snug between the cylinder tapering and the base.
  4. Lift the chair back to it’s casters and take a seat to set all of the pieces firmly back in place.


The cylinder sleeve on the Leap chair is relatively easy to remove and install, and we hope you found this article and video helpful in achieving that task. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page, chat, or on our Facebook page.

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