How to Fix a Creaky Steelcase Leap Chair

How to Lubricate a Steelcase Leap Chair to Avoid Creaks


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Instructions by Crandall Office Furniture on how to lubricate some creaky areas around a Steelcase Leap Chair.

Sometimes with use, the Leap chair can develop squeaks and creaks in high friction areas. Thankfully, this routine maintenance is quite easy to perform and can completely change the experience of using your chair. So, we put together a little guide to help you along the road to silent sitting.

Identifying the Cause of the Creak

1. There are a few suspect areas to be aware of while locating the cause of the noise. Most notably, the reclining tracks at the base of the seat frame and the rotating connective joint holding the back frame to the seat’s arms.

2. The inner frame spring can also generate some noise, although we’d recommend checking this last due to it being harder to access and the risk of over lubrication causing drips and leaks.

Treating the Creaks

1. Before actually applying any lubrication, it’s incredibly important to make sure you are using a product that won’t create a mess. We recommend using either WD-40 Quick Dry Silicone spray or a petroleum-based lubricant like Vaseline. Avoid regular WD-40, as this has a high chance of leaking from the chair and causing stains.

2. Once you’ve got your lubricant, try applying some to the aforementioned problem zones. It’s important to note that less is more in this process. Too much lubricant can lead to drips and stains.

3. After applying just a little lubricant to the creaky parts of the chair, recline the chair a few times to spread the lubricant throughout the mechanisms. Don’t forget to wipe down any overspray or drippings as well

4. If the noise persists, check the hardware on the chair, sometimes a loose screw can cause parts to shift causing noise. If all accessible hardware is secured, then re-apply a little lubricant to any remaining suspicious areas.

5. If the noise is still persisting, the cause may need further diagnosis. Please send us a video of your chair and we’ll be sure to help you the best we can.


Lubricating you Leap Chair is a quick and easy way to maintain your sitting experience and extend the life of your chair’s mechanisms. We hope you found this article and video helpful in achieving that task. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page, chat, or on our Facebook page.

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