How to Disassemble and Repackage a Steelcase Gesture Chair for Return

Steelcase Gesture Disassembly and Repackage for Return:

Need to return your Steelcase Gesture Chair? We’ve got you covered with a complete disassembly and packing guide to make sure your chair has a safe and successful journey back.

This guide includes instructions for Gestures with headrests. If your chair does not have a headrest, please disregard those instructions.

How to Disassemble and Re-package any Steelcase Gesture chair for return.

Disassembling the Steelcase Gesture Chair.

1. Remove the seat from the chair. We have a video going more in depth on this process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM2c6pAdxwc

2. Next, remove the cylinder from the bottom of the chair. This is held in by only friction, so a good twist and pull with a pipe wrench should release it.

3. Then, separate the cylinder from the base of the chair using a mallet. A solid smack from underneath the base should do the trick.

4. Finally, remove the five casters by pulling them from the base.

Repacking for return.

1. Take your original Crandall Office Box that you received with your order and place the included paper coil at the bottom.

2. Next, place your casters and cylinder in the box towards the very back. Cover these with a small layer of paper fill.

3. Now it’s time for the seat frame and back. To prepare this part for shipping, first lower the headrest to the lowest position. Then cover the chair’s back pad with a plastic bag to protect the fabric. Now it can be put in the box facing forward. It’s important to note that the chair’s adjustment knobs are particularly prone to shipping damage, so please take care to ensure the casters and cylinder are not causing unnecessary pressure on this assembly.

4. Add some more paper fill. Some spots that need paper are around the arm pads, behind the chair back, and on the metal plate for the chairs seat.

5. Now the chair’s seat can be prepared for shipping by putting it in a plastic bag to protect the fabric. Then it can be placed in the box between the arm pads and with the pad facing the pad on the chair back.

6. Now it’s time for the base of the chair to be added to the box, this goes in the very front of the box with the top of the base against the bottom of the seat.

7. Lastly, add some more paper fill to stop any unwanted movement in the box. Usually, some extra on the top and sides does the trick.

Preparing the Package for Shipping.

1. While taping the box closed, make sure you have at least six pieces on both the top and bottom of the package. Many carriers will not accept return packages with less than six pieces of tape per side.

2. Now just affix your printed return label to the top of your box with some tape and your package is ready for the post.


Making a return is never fun, but we hope you found this article and video helpful in making the process a little easier. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page, chat, or on our Facebook page.

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