Complete Adjustment Guide For The Steelcase V1 Leap Chair

We are excited to continue this series of featuring the variety of adjustments on all of our chairs and today we look at Steelcase’s V1 Leap Chair.

Height And Seat Adjustments

 Height Adjustment

Pull height adjustment lever up to move the chair up or down to whichever position fits you best.

Seat Slider Adjustment

While standing on the right side of the chair lift up the furthest lever underneath the seat and pull the seat away from the back or towards the back to fit your preference.

Front Edge Angle Adjustment

While sitting or standing to tilt the front edge of your leap pull the lever up on the left side of the chair while sitting and push down on the front edge of chair and release the lever to set the position where it feels most comfortable.

Back Adjustments

 Variable Stop Tilt Lock Adjustment

There is a total of 5 different position settings for this lever. Moving it down increases your recline ability and all the up is the back lock which has some give but not a lot

Lean Back Tension Adjustment

Rotating the knob located near the same location as the variable tilt lock adjustment, rotate the knob clockwise to increase the tension when reclining and counter clockwise when you want to decrease the tension while reclining.

Lumbar Adjustment

The chair has a pad that is fixed into the seat and is not removable. The lumbar can be moved by placing a hand on each side and moving it up and down. Note: The lumbar in the lowest point is a neutral position and does not effect the back in this position


Lower Back Firmness Adjustment

Locate the knob on the right hand side by the back lumbar while sitting turn the knob clockwise to increase the firmness of the lumbar and counter clockwise the decrease the firmness of the lumbar.

Arm Adjustments

Each arm has its own button underneath the arm pad, press this to change the height of each arm for the best comfortability.2. The fully adjustable arms is an add on to the chair and may not be included in the chair you purchase. The 4d arms can swivel side to side and Pivot side to side for best fit.


We hope you found this article and video helpful for adjusting your V1 Leap Chair. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page, chat, or on our Facebook page.

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